Meet the Entrepreneurs of Pitch@Palace Canada 1.0 On Tour North

Meet the Entrepreneurs of Pitch@Palace Canada 1.0 On Tour North

On April 26, 2019, 14 entrepreneurs will pitch their businesses at Pitch@Palace Canada 1.0 On Tour North which will take place at Yukon College at NorthLight Innovation in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Four entrepreneurs will be selected to participate in Pitch@Palace Canada 1.0 Boot Camp on May 27, Pitch@Palace Canada 1.0 Final on May 28, which will both take place in Toronto, Ontario.

The 14 entrepreneurs are:

Apprendo Learning Systems

Apprendo provides a platform for learners businesses and educators to connect, making it easy for corporations to compare and purchase training services and content.



Aurum Skincare

Aurum Skincare leverages the transformative power of bio-fermentation to bring underutilized natural resources to high-end consumer markets in the health and wellness sector.




Brennan Inonvation

Brennan Innovation’s “SUPStick” is a unique solution for self-propelled adventures, helping people move in a fun and exciting way.



Five Ravens

Five Ravens has created sports management software designed specifically for small associations, with a focus on usability.




iMIRGE Medical

iMIRGE Medical is a medical imaging company that has prototyped a portable image guidance system that can improve patient outcomes in developing countries.





Mosquito Jet Boats

Mosquito Jet Boats has engineered and designed ATV and UTV trailers with a suspension system that solves the problem of overturning, and prevents damage to equipment and individuals.





Multimedia Mascot

Multimedia Mascot allows users to create a digital mascot for an organisation or event, to support its social media engagement. The mascot’s interactions with the public are based on the organisation’s established values and mission.





Open Broadcaster

OpenBroadcaster provides software and hardware products, training and support services to the broadcast industry, with a focus on the needs of small to mid-sized terrestrial and online radio and TV stations.




Outpost 31

Output 31 is a full-service media and entertainment company focused on creating immersive cinematic content, making it one of Canada’s premier production companies North of 60.




Patti Balsillie Management Company

Patti Balsillie Management Consulting specialises in tourism, community and organizational development with a particular focus on governance, engagement and strategy across sectors including non-profit, private, public and First Nations governments.







Proskida’s smart ski pole grip is helping the world’s endurance athletes train smarter so they can get better faster.




Solar Growing

Solar Growing manufactures greenhouse kits designed for cold climates. The kits extend growing seasons by about three months at low cost using heat sinks.



Spinreg Technologies

SpinReg Technologies focuses on developing software that supports active learning and self-regulation in the education sector.




Sunshine and Raven

Sunshine and Raven is a social innovation facilitator that uses land-based adventures and experiences to help groups and individuals look at complex challenges in new ways, and find innovative and collaborative courses of action.