Meet the Entrepreneurs of Pitch@Palace Canada 1.0 On Tour Quebec

Meet the Entrepreneurs of Pitch@Palace Canada 1.0 On Tour Quebec

On May 9, 2019, 20 entrepreneurs will pitch their businesses at Pitch@Palace Canada 1.0 On Tour Quebec which will take place at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

Up to four entrepreneurs will be selected to participate in Pitch@Palace Canada 1.0 Boot Camp on May 27, Pitch@Palace Canada 1.0 Final on May 28, which will both take place in Toronto, Ontario.

The 20 entrepreneurs are:

Aifred Health

Aifred Health’s mission is to enable patients with depression to get better, faster by helping doctors make better clinical and treatment decisions.





Arkangel AI

Arkangel Ai offers a prevention program for young overweight people at high-risk of Type 2 diabetes, using AI to offer a doctor curated, one on one service.




Benchwork is a collaborative tool for growing fashion designers that makes manufacturing easy and accessible.




Chango uses AI to provide a personal finance solution to help each person achieve his or her goals, while increasing financial literacy.




Civalgo is an integrated SaaS solution that uses historical performance data to help construction companies grow and reduce risk.



Deeplite provides intelligent optimization software to make Deep Neural Networks faster, smaller and more energy-efficient from cloud to edge computing. is a collaborative platform based on Google’s “Design Sprint Methodology” where trusted experts offer their unique skills to help organisations develop their own agile organisation models.





GRAD4 provides an automation and standardization service for tendering and bidding processes in the manufacture of mechanical parts.



Hubnt is a platform that helps new immigrants to settle and integrate using centralized and digital services.





iijec Technologies

iinjec Technologies has developed an easy-to-use Safety Syringe that addresses the supply shortages in mass global vaccination campaigns while reducing unintended injuries, contamination, dosing errors, and disposal challenges.






Indig is an online business platform and marketplace for Indigenous sellers, connecting buyers around the world to local artisans.








Korbit uses machine learning technology to educate students through interactive exercises and conversations.





Lemon AI

lemonAi uses automated intelligence to help businesses store, share and search their internal data.



MicroPredictome uses AI algorithms to predict the risk of diseases based on the combination of sequencing data on bacteria in the human gut and human genetic data.



NameShouts is an online application that uses a combination of AI and human intelligence to help people pronounce the names of people and businesses correctly.




NERv Technology is developing a smart catheter with embedded micro-sensors to detect gastrointestinal leaks that can arise after surgery, in real-time.



OSCPS Motion Sensing

One Silicon Chip Photonics is developing the next generation of high performance inertial measurement units, used to navigate a moving object or vehicle.






Proof empowers governments to go paperless by streamlining internal approvals, digitizing application forms and improving policy decisions with data.



ShuttleControl is a shuttle App for car dealerships that streamlines the process of booking cars for customers when their car is being serviced.





UBI Beef Inspection

UBI Beef Inspection is a team of quality control experts in the meat industry, with the goal of reducing food waste and improving food safety.