Pitch@Palace Canada 1.0 Finalists

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Pitch@Palace Canada 1.0 Finalists

Meet the finalists at the first Pitch@Palace Canada 1.0.



O2 Canada, which operates out of Communitech, is on a mission to make fresh air available to everyone, no matter where they live in the world. The team produces air pollution respirators offering an all-in-one solution to protect consumer health and enhance style.




Apprendo provides a platform for learners, businesses and educators to connect, making it easy for corporations to compare and purchase training services and content.




Aurum Skincare leverages the power of bio-fermentation to bring underutilized natural resources to high-end consumer markets in the health and wellness sector.





AVA Technologies has developed “AVA Byte”, a smart indoor garden designed for connected consumers who want to unlock their green thumbs.



Clockk is changing the way agencies do time sheets. An automated solution, it gives unparalleled insight into how agencies use and sell time. Clockk allows users to see what they’ve accomplished and where their time went, so they can spend more time being productive.




Emperor Investments is an online investment firm that is the first to offer tailored pure stock portfolios unique to each individual. Our clients can open an account online and receive a portfolio that is customized to their goals all online in under 10 minutes.








Coastable Biotechnologies creates sustainable and fully compostable bioplastics from abundant natural resources such as crustacean shells and insect husks that are normally considered as waste.






eOceans aims to unite the global community of ocean explorers to create the world’s most versatile marine database to be used for science and policy. By crowdsourcing insights from divers, snorkelers, fishers, surfers, sailors, researchers, and more, eOceans rapidly expands our knowledge of marine ecosystems.




Co-founded by two University of Waterloo students, HelpWear designs, manufactures and produces wearables in medical technology. Their HeartWatch product is a 24/7 wearable heart monitoring system that detects when a user suffers a heart attack and contacts EMS.





Hyre is an online event staffing marketplace for the hospitality industry. Hyre removes the need for a staffing agency, connecting event staff such as bartenders and servers directly with event organizers (venues, caterers, planners, etc.) to find work that fits their schedule. It’s currently offered in Toronto and Ottawa.







iinjec Technologies has created an easy-to-use Safety Syringe that addresses supply shortages in mass global vaccination campaigns, while reducing unintended injuries, contamination, dosing errors, and disposal challenges.






iMIRGE Medical is a medical imaging company that has prototyped a portable image guidance system that can improve patient outcomes in developing countries.




Krugo is an app that simplifies group travel and outings, allowing friends to plan and join trip itineraries, buy tickets, split payments, and discover events happening in their destination.


A virtual clinic that fits in your pocket, Lumeca Health allows you to speak to licensed doctors and nurses by web, phone or mobile app in minutes.





NERv Technology is developing a smart catheter with embedded micro-sensors to detect gastrointestinal leaks that can arise after surgery, in real-time.





Neuraura Biotech develops neuro sensors which allow neuro-modulation and brain machine interfacing to help those affected by neurological, psychiatric and sensory disorders.





ORA is a safety panic alarm button that helps keep seniors and employees safe. The lightweight ORA Link fits into a necklace or belt loop clip.






One Silicon Chip Photonics (OSCP) is developing the next generation of high-performance inertial measurement units, used to navigate a moving object or vehicle.







precision.ai provides agricultural artificial intelligence for autonomous farming. From self-driving combines to aerial drones monitoring crop health in real-time, precision.ai is the technology behind the food production systems of the future.



Proof empowers governments to go paperless by streamlining internal approvals, digitizing application forms and improving policy decisions with data.



Proskida’s smart ski pole grip is helping the world’s cross-country skiers train smarter so they can get better faster.




Securicy provides a cloud-based solution that gives teams one place to manage their Information Security and Privacy Compliance Strategy from policy development through to implementation and reporting. Securicy’s mission is to make it easy for businesses to achieve and maintain information security and privacy compliance.


Synergy Disc Replacement Inc: Based in Cambridge, Synergy Disc Replacement Inc. (SDRI) designs, tests and commercializes innovative surgeon-driven products to address degenerative disc disease in the spine. Its Synergy Disc is the first artificial disc designed to restore physiological motion and correct sagittal balance.




Vitalsines has developed a consumer device to calculate an individual’s ’internal age’ based on aortic stiffness, a proven indicator for heightened risk of heart and brain disease.